Silk Wedding Flowers For A Traveling Couple

Silk wedding flowers. When I first heard of this concept in all honesty it baffled me. My first thought was “Why?!?!”. Being a wedding florist, we are usually working with fresh flowers and product and enjoy the fragrance, the feel of the petals and the slight variation of each stem. But we need to keep in mind that there are always new trends going on in regards to color and materials. That said, it seems silks and dried flowers are back! I’m finding it’s actually a nice option and blending materials gives your pieces interesting textures. There are different reasons for requesting silk flowers, a permanent memento from your special day, or perhaps a couple absolutely loves a particular flower and its out of season. Recently I had the honor of working with a bride who was having her wedding out of town and she wanted silk flowers . For her, it was easier to have everything done ahead of time and arrive at her venue with everything ready to go. She also had chosen flowers that had special meaning to her and her fiance but were no longer in season. The quality of silk flowers has come a long way and they look very natural, realistic and beautiful. It’s great to have options!